Maybe this is not my area to talk, I am …

Comment on Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school by Jessi P Thomas.

Maybe this is not my area to talk, I am not from Alice, nor have I spent much time there.
What I would like to say is, I am from a small town in Far Northern Queensland, where the school was integrated, it was public and because of that I had friends from all over town and from all walks.
If I visit home, I am still friends with people I went to school with and we will say hello to each other, no matter our colour or religion.
We played rep sports together, and normally kicked ass, our school achieved well with some students from all backgrounds going to uni, playing in bands, playing professional sports.
Again, this is not my home but from experience and the feeling and connection to Country because of my childhood, I hear every word Steph is mentioning and it should be one of the main concerns within Alice and around Australia.

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