An excellent article, thanks Erwin and Steph. The Ross Park …

Comment on Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school by Sarah.

An excellent article, thanks Erwin and Steph. The Ross Park zoning issue has bothered me for years, and I believe that it needs to be addressed. I hope your article goes some way towards achieving educational equity in Alice.

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Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
Surprised! Thanks for the prompt to alternatives and/or solutions.
I agree, debate should include this. Judges have an obvious and important role in helping children to understand the implication of their offending, and it is imperative that they do this well in order not to further ostracise kids.
Judges should engage in moral communication that focuses on harm caused by the child, and should ask critical questions that the child either overlooked or refused to consider when commiting the offence.
Judges can and should appeal to a child’s sense of morality, empathy for the offender, guilt and remorse and encourage the child’s self reflection.
There are many specialist youth judges who do this well, who are not seen as going “soft” on crime and offenders, and are part of a process whereby offenders begin to change their behaviours.

Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
Well done Eileen, this complaint and referral to the Attorney-General is well deserved and overdue.
All the evidence shows that this sort of treatment of young offenders does not work, and certainly does not deter from further offending.
It is more cost effective (and humane) to help a young person realise the impact of their offending on their community and the victims, and judges (with all the respect that they command) have a hugely important role in this.
This does not mean that judges need to wrap their words in cotton wool, in fact frank language can be used to explain the impact of their behaviour, but it should not be humiliating, nor should be antagonising. I commend CAALAS for taking this action.

Humble objects of women’s work used to ask big questions
Thanks for this thoughtful review, Kieran. And well done to Di, Elliat, Anna, Meg and the NPWHF Board for this exciting exhibition. Another example of the incredible talent that we have in Central Australia.

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