A no-brainer solution to our micro engineering dilemma is …

Comment on A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer. by Graham Tjilpi Buckley.

A no-brainer solution to our micro engineering dilemma is to engage the Chinese engineers who have just had their 55km bridge from Hong Kong to Macau opened.
They went over and under the water for this simply marvellous achievement.
Surely they would have an idea or two!

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Looks like Wazza’s back
In reply to ‘Totally Snowballed’ (yet another person lacking the decency to use their name) please tell us what was the alternative? Mmmm.

Kings Canyon community invests in secondary education
This story is just so wonderful. To learn that a secondary component has been added to the Watarrka School (formerly Lilla School when I had an attachment there – albeit brief – in the last half of the 90s) is beautiful music to the ears.
Lilla School closed in early ’96 due to a very low enrolment figure.
I was the teacher at Ukaka Homeland in the latter half of the 90s and it was originally under the umbrella of Lilla School.
My daughter Jenny had been the principal of the two sites (about 100km apart). Ukaka battled on but it too succumbed to an unsustainable enrolment figure about a decade into the 2000s.
That people, not the Education Department, got the Lilla site up and running again around about 2010 was tremendous news.
This latest development speaks volumes for those who have had a hand in the revival of this educational site; which, incidentally, is such a beautiful cultural location.
The quote from Mrs Sadie Williams, re this new secondary addition: “We have fought hard over many years for our primary shool to stay open so that our kids can get a good bilingual and bicultural education on country” is indeed a telling one.
There has been no “grandstanding” by this mob in what they have achieved. It is obvious that they had a clear vision and with this new development it shows that it is a strong one. They thoroughly deserve all credit that can be mustered.
I say, “go Watarrka School”. Not original but, “Onward and Upward”.

Town Council members’ assets remain a secret
Hey, exceptionally nice bike, Tony!

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