Alice Springs does not flood once in a blue moon. …

Comment on A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer. by .bruce.

Alice Springs does not flood once in a blue moon. The river bed is so dry it has not even a soak anymore. And that hill is Caterpillar Dreaming. It is sacred to the Arrerente People of Alice Springs.

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National Indigenous Cultural Centre to be ‘community-led’
I feel sad if the old Anzac oval goes. That’s a part of Alice Springs history.
Every child form the 1960s has memories of good family times at that oval.
The Aboriginal people need housing not art galleries built. We have more money concerns in this town than spending it on art galleries, poor taxpayer again.
We need to fix our problems in Alice Springs first. We have many concerns about our indigenous cultural local people.
We do not need an art gallery, we need more outdoor activities for our children and sport lovers and our older generation can be there our kids.

Lasseters private enterprise beacon in stagnant town
What ever happened to the dress code? I remember you could not get into the casino without dress standards. Now the place smells and stinks.
Shame job. What has happened to the respected rules? Gone out the door. Welcome animal bar. The casino has no dress regulations anymore.

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