A tunnel through the range at the gap: When the …

Comment on A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer. by Bev Emmott.

A tunnel through the range at the gap: When the water comes it spreads right across the plain.
I would think that a tunnel near The Gap would just be another place for the water to flow through. The bridge into town is the best access in a flood so the solution would be to build up not through.
If the tunnel had a road as high as the rail track and all the way down through The Gap it might work, but not if the tunnel was at ground level.
Trouble with Alice Springs is that it is built level to the river bank, fine most times until flood comes, then quite a bit of the town is under water. We are lucky the big flood has not happened for years.
Another way is to deepen the river so that it takes more water before the water spreads over the roads.

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CLP candidates: Representing you or their party?
Now who is going to get Alice Springs up to date with recycling. It seems the current and past governments are so far behind with climate change, they are back a couple of centuries ago.
Maybe it does not mean much to them, but do they want their children, grandchildren, great grand children to live in a world without decent sea, drought stricken, without water, food, without money making ways, with people doped up to the eyeballs and kids raped and maybe murdered by the time they are ten?
Who is going to lead the way and who is going to be the drawback to progress.
We have space here also to manufacture solar cars with electric backup, but are we going to take up the challenge or be a drawback too?
We need serious progress, and the NT could with the right management be Australia’s leading state. Or we can be Australia’s leading draw back, staying in the 1700s when it is now 2020 and heading well away from that century.

Mass rally shows fury, distrust for police, government
A comment: We are white but know many Aboriginals. Over the past few days someone (don’t know who) has been chucking used babies nappies into our front yard.
We live in an NT housing trust house and have been abused by Aboriginals, and their white pals, who think they can take our jobs, possessions, accounts, cars, everything from us.
They are helped by my white relatives both from my birth family and from my English in-laws who migrated here in the 1960s.
If Aboriginals want respect or the whites who back them to the hilt want respect, then let them show others respect too.
I show respect to those who show me respect, regardless of nationality or position.
It is time this town woke up and started forgetting the skin colour and wealth but remembering we are all human beings and our insides are all the same.
I have respected those Aboriginals and whites who behave decently but how can anyone respect those who don’t, no matter what their position.
By the way this information goes on Facebook to so the nation can see what is really happening. It is also going overseas to tell others what this country is actually like.

Government and council bicker over youth 
As for the two Aboriginal adults that walked across the road in front of me – one did the right thing and walked across at the traffic lights in the lines – giving an excellent example for anyone watching. The other walked behind me – outside of the lines – giving a bad example for anyone watching. Drivers have a lot to watch for – so if pedestrians do the unexpected they are asking for trouble no matter what the race.

Government and council bicker over youth 
Also on top of adding to Youth Activities in this town – not to be soft on anyone who commits criminal acts no matter what their colour or creed or even their age. Tougher penalties – MUST GO TO SCHOOL and if not then house arrest, makes those doing the damage pay – not the parents but the individuals.

Some of the Aboriginal kids could be working from aged 14 on weekends and after school – fit it in with sport and other activities so they are gaining financially and their minds are occupied. Get them saving – like to buy cars when they are old enough – or to go on holidays because if they do it themselves then they can be proud of themselves.

Making new tools for living 
Kumunjayi Granites said: “I speak your language but you don’t speak mine.”
There are hundreds of Aboriginal languages. It is impossible to learn them all no matter how well intentioned.
As for the Aboriginal cultures there are hundreds of them too. Aboriginals have been hurting me for decades, and my birth family and in-laws have supported them.
I am white. Does that mean my culture means nothing and I have to give all to the Aboriginals? They complain about everything, yet what have they done to help their own families?
There are still rock throwing incidents and other things against the whites.
We are all Australian if born in this country or naturalised and for decades everything has been done to help them.
But when you do, the ones complaining are the ones that go against you and take from you what you earned.
Now for stealing, what is the Aboriginal punishment? For rape, what is the Aboriginal punishment? I know for sure the Aboriginals are far harder on their own people for doing this sort of thing than the whites are.

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