@ Dr Ongo: Doris isn’t one of them! …

Comment on A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer. by Mabel.

@ Dr Ongo: Doris isn’t one of them!

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Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
Logic thinking, calmness and respect for the judicial system of the western world is what is needed. It’s fine for the Walpiris to demand that the court be held in Alice Springs because of the locality (more convenient) but they all here now!
What they have to remember is that Alice Springs is Arrente country and that is not respected by anyone, let alone the Walpiris.
Have they bothered to run this question past the senior Arrente people or the chairman and the directors of Lhere Atepe first?
Alice Springs is already on fire because of the disrespect to the many hard working people who live in Arrente country (black and white).
Many of these people provide services and businesses for all to enjoy (KFC, Hungry Jacks, KMart, Coles and the main ones not forgetting as follows Centrelink, Department of Families and Children and our many emergency service providers (ambulance, hospital, firies, etc).
It’s one thing demanding a quiet peaceful protest, but what happens when the magistrate adjourns the court for the day and the liquor starts smelling sweet and the children who have come in are looking for mum and dad, and the many drunk drivers driving in the unregistered vehicles driven around by the unlicensed drivers and then people have to wait for funds to go back home because of the lack of ability to plan and behave.
No No No.
Have it in Darwin. Alice Springs is already under siege!

Police dogs assist arrests of alleged youth offenders
Alice Springs needs dogs or Federal intervention!

All Quiet on the Western Front: Not, say media.
Playing with a straight bat is Bolt!

CLP calls for youth curfew in Alice Springs
What we all want is our control back.
Bring the response group in.
Melky is right! We need to stand up to these no feelings kids who do not understand sad, angry, love.
We want dogs, bring ’em in.
People are scared like anything when dogs are around. The do gooders need to shoosh up.
The night patrols need to get out of their buses, stop smoking and walk around the town.
So much can happen.

Bush police station broken into, damaged
Aboriginal people are out of control. The gap has widened between black and yellow, black and white and the yellow and white keeps on defending the black.
The march that took place on Thursday did nothing but encourage racists hate and views.
Aboriginal people want, want, want. But they don’t want to give anything, they don’t know what it means to respect anything or anyone.

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