Rifle, ammunition stolen in Eastside break-in

2542 rifle OKA Norinco .22 calibre bolt action rifle with a scope (similar to the one pictured) was stolen in an Eastside home break-in yesterday morning.


There were two more unlawful entries in the Eastside, according to a police media release.


They say the firearm, a magazine, ammunition, and $2000 worth of $100 notes were stolen from one of the residences.


Police ask people with information to “immediately” ring on 131 444 or anonymously on Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


– Police media release



UPDATE 9.33am


Police say they have recovered the firearm but the offender “remains outstanding” and the investigation continues. They are appealing to the public to “keep a lookout for youths using $100 notes”.



UPDATE 11.33am


Police say, upon being asked, that charging the owner of the rifle for not storing it in the required manner “will be taken into consideration, however at this stage the incident remains under investigation”.




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