I totally agree with you Mark and I think a …

Comment on Where has Cr Melky been all these years? by Mel.

I totally agree with you Mark and I think a lot of people who have been trying to help youth in our community would.
I have talked to hundreds of youth in this town and the majority don’t want to be walking the streets and getting into trouble but they have nowhere safe to go and sleep and more often than not much to eat.
I don’t think that blaming families etc does much good as nothing really changes. I think as a community we need to realise this is what we have happening we need to as a community deal with it.
I have been involved with youth for the best part of my life and what is happening with our youth is something that can’t be hidden and shouldn’t be.
I would happily volunteer hours of my time to assist to support young people have a safe place to be and supervise them.
I have opened up my home to young people here for the past eight years and have had a lot of what are deemed the bad or most troubled kids crash at my place and eat from my fridge.
These kids would definitely have been in serious trouble if I hadn’t done this. The thing is they are pretty good kids, they show me respect and know I’m there for them.
They know I am honest and straight with them and as long as they tow the line they are welcome.
I wish more pope in our community would do what I am doing.
I know other mums and dads that do the same as me but it would be good if some of the harsh critics of our youth did more hands on with these kids.
It takes a village to raise a child so we should all do our part.
I am not soft on crime or youth crime. I was a correctional officer for 10 years and have been working with youth justice kids for years.
Quite often kids unfortunately need to go to detention and I don’t believe in rehabilitation.
I do believe in capacity in a person and the truth is that some people young or old just don’t have capacity to fit in to our everyday society.
The ones that do have capacity need to be encouraged to by all of us.
I also don’t believe in endless chances and no consequences. Youth have to own their behaviour, just like the rest of us.
The sad thing is what you have suggested has been spoken about for years and has been done in part previously, but then the funding for this type of set up gets pulled and here we go again.
I don’t believe that the government really wants to put money where it needs to be, they would sooner spend money on a new art gallery or widening he Gap Road access to town for that once a year traffic jam at show time that lasts for 15 minutes.
The more things change the more they stay the same – sad but true.

Recent Comments by Mel

Keeping youth in sight
I have three sons ranging from 14 to 30 years old and I am an avid believer in National Service.
The issues are significant that young people all over this country have, not just our young people in Central Australia and the NT.
Youth crime is through the roof, youth on the streets and homelessness is out of control, and no one really has the power to do anything including police, teachers, medical practitioners and of course families.
This is not going to get better and I dread to think about the future lives these young people will be living as I strongly believe they are the forgotten ones.
Governments want to spend money on early intervention and then at the other end of the scale on families to make them stronger.
What about genuine outcomes for these kids and young people? A lot of kids don’t listen and don’t have respect for anything or anyone and its mainly due to lack of strong people in their lives who can appropriately role model for them.
If we brought in National Service that was mandatory for all young school leavers who are not engaged n employment, gave them skills, structure, routine with the outlook being that they come out of it with some real life skills we would significantly reduce the number of young people in detention and on the street and who are homeless which costs a fortune to put assistance around.
We have become a very soft nation and our youth are the ones paying the price for it.
I would also like to throw it out there that another Art Gallery is ridiculous – what a massive waste of money when everyone is winging over youth and the problems communities are facing.
They should have a new skate park and some modern infrastructure here that can be used for all the kids in town.
They should also have a safe place where kids can sleep and eat at night so they don’t have to feel unsafe walking the streets because they don’t want watch what is happening at home or be abused themselves.
I also was thinking about the huge waste of money that is being considered to widen The Gap. What a joke that is for our two traffic jams a year that last for 15 minutes. Spend that money on kids.

No youth hub at Newland, but it’s not the end of the story
It amazes me how all the good folk of Alice want youth crime to stop and youth off the street but when it comes to having infrastructure in their neighbourhood to facilitate this, it’s like “we want it but not in our back yard”.
Wake up, this is everyone’s back yard. If more of the people that go on places like the Alice Springs Community forum actually were proactive in assisting youth in this community and even mentor or take kids in off the streets then maybe there would be less trouble in our street and kids would be safer.
The critics of young people in this town need to get a grip on the reality of what young people are actually going through here, walk a mile in some of these kids’ shoes and see how long your shoes last.

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