@ Michael Liddle, your sentiments and experiences have been expressed …

Comment on ‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’ by Braedon Earley.

@ Michael Liddle, your sentiments and experiences have been expressed before in the late 80s by a great Lady in Katherine known as Mrs May Govan.
I didn’t understand what she was saying at the time, but I remember what she said. Thankyou for reminding me.
I doesn’t matter who the Government of the day is they are all as gutless as each other when it comes to solutions concerning alcohol abuse. This stems from the fact that their political donors are from the alcohol industry. It doesn’t matter who has the liquor licenses or who the Commissioner of Police is, as they are all controlled by the government of the day.
One solution is to stop the sale of takeaway alcohol all together in Alice Springs and put the onus on liquor license holders to serve alcohol responsibly during normal hours of operation. This obviously comes with its own ramifications.
But there is no drain on police resources to oversee the activities of the sale of alcohol, which is the sole responsibility of the licensee. There is no blame to be associated with police scrutiny on takeaway alcohol. Subject parents would be back at home after the local establishments shut (for which the government could reduce hours as well), so subject recalcitrant children may get fed and put to bed at a reasonable hour.
Sounds to good to be true? It’s achievable, it just needs the NT Labor Party to grow a spine and the Country Liberal Party to start acting as an opposition to make it happen. It needs political will to bring about change, so political parties need to forget taking donations from the alcohol industry.
The sale of alcohol is a licensed activity. The consumption of alcohol is not a birthright, it is an attained right and usually involves reaching a certain age and acting reasonably responsibly whilst consuming it, i.e. not driving etc.
So if you breach these licenses or attained rights, you are breaking the law. So it stands to reason, that the child’s rights need to be considered in all of this as well, particularly when it comes to the sale of alcohol and its consumption. Legislation around the sale of alcohol needs to be changed accordingly to recognise the rights of children.
In many years gone by, a publican would know just about all there was to know about their community, who could afford to drink and who couldn’t, whose family was doing it tough etc. Nowadays its squeeze as much money out of the drinkers as possible and damn the consequences.
If no changes are to be had, then Michael Liddle’s voice and comments will become like that of the Legendary May Govan, a mark in time, that showed a lack of political will by a gutless government.

Recent Comments by Braedon Earley

Town Council: protect Alice water from fracking
Don’t Frack the Northern Territory.
Short sighted politicians, and their advisers are destroying the Northern Territory. Let’s leave a positive footprint and environment for generations to come.
As for Price, surely some disciplinary action is warranted.

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
Jacinta do the right thing, resign from the Federal election race, you have proven your skill set beyond reasonable doubt.

Satour & Price seeking legal advice in Code of Conduct saga
Can you just imagine Price in Federal politics?
If her behaviour in the Alice Springs Council is an example of what she does when she gets a bit of power? Her behaviour and targeting of fellow councillors is un-Territorian.

Manison: No slash and burn approach to fiscal emergency
My Grandfather used to say “if a horseman comes to you complaining about his horse – don’t bother looking at the horse – the problem is in front of you”.
It’s a simple analogy, let’s apply it to the Northern Territory Government. If you listen to Treasurer Nicole Manison she was a wealth of excuses; but for anyone who knows anything about running a business, none of them stick.
Then listen to Greg Bicknell, Chamber of Commerce calling for more big projects and that hydraulic fracking should be under way?
Well no Greg – the economy (which is a separate thing to the Budget, Katie) is in freefall because of the boom – bust scenario created by INPEX and mismanaged by both the ALP and the CLP.
At the time of this ill-conceived invite by NT Labor Martin / Henderson Government who were advised by Gunner, Manison and Woolfe, brought INPEX to town with NO GAS RESERVATION (which was what they were running from in WA) and no real accountability for the fragile NT economy.
This gas company destroyed the tourism industry and eventually destroyed the housing market because Labor didn’t cross the Ts nor dot the Is.
That’s why the economy is in freefall. But you won’t hear that on 104.9 or in any media that benefits from the advertising paid for by the said gas company. But you will hear the said media personnel looking to attribute blame to the “Cliff”? But what does that mean? It means mismanagement by NT Labor when they first invited INPEX to town.
Okay, so what’s that got to do with the Budget and NT Government going broke? A lot really.
Because it’s the same people who originally made the mistakes with the big gas company now making the same mistakes through mismanagement again of taxpayers money.
It’s also the same people now trying to cover up this mismanagement either in the media or in NT Government-funded mouthpiece organisations.
Fracking is not the answer either. Short term gain for long term pain. It cannot be regulated effectively and it cannot create a sustainable economy.
It’s another INPEX, just more of the same.
In layman’s terms, there is nothing wrong with the horse as there is nothing wrong with the Territory. It’s the horseman – which in the case is the NT Gunner Labor politicians and their hangers-on.
It’s time the Administrator got involved.

Proposal to end the code of conduct charade
Who is the vexatious person behind all of these said Codes of Conduct?

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