Look, Mabel, to me this looks like pointing the finger …

Comment on ‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’ by Travis.

Look, Mabel, to me this looks like pointing the finger at black people. Go down south where the majority of people are not black and see how they act on the grog. Are the taps being turned down?
Why should a person have their privliges taken for the sake of someone that thinks they in charge and making the wrong decision. I put my money on those people not being the right leaders whom people don’t want to listen to.
I say where and what were these so called leaders doing or looking at 30 years ago when it was all starting to go the way it is now.

Travis Also Commented

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’
My old people went to war Russell, and came back. They faught for our country and worked hard to give my people equal rights. Some of these people making these so called decisions are talking with a forked tongue, with a sketchy past.
To sit in Parliament you have to put everything on the table and be judged. So let’s have these people who know nothing about anything, put it out there, so we can judge or decide if we are going to back their idea.

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’
I think one of the biggest problems is that people making or trying to make decisions for the town haven’t or don’t do enough consultation with the people on the ground.
Who are these decision makers, what’s their background? Go out to the town camps and other areas of the community and talk to the people about what might work for them.
It’s no good say turn the tap off. Our people have rights too. Do what they want. If you want to put a blanket over drinking do it across Australia.

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’
It’s great to see CAAAPU standing up, leading by example. They have a firm policy in place and have had it for years. If you work or sit on the board you have to be a non drinker. Great stuff, CAAAPU.

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