Travis needs to read the story shared by PAACs John …

Comment on ‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’ by Mabel.

Travis needs to read the story shared by PAACs John Boffa and see what happened when police were on the bottle shops.
These atrocities are causing disruptions to the community. People are abandoning their families and their responsibilities to their land by alcoholism.
Congress, who are at the frontline of Aboriginal healthcare, imagine the money that could be used on homes and employment if indigenous people stopped abusing alcohol.

Mabel Also Commented

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’
@ Travis: Alcohol is a priviledge not a right, just as Russell has stated.
As the story suggests people’s behavior when under the influence of alcohol is where the problem is and it is causing the community of Alice, Tennant Creek many preventable issues.
Prevention is far better than a cure.

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Poker machine money!

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Oooo, the wooly jumper wearing, tofu eaters of the Eastside have been told to tie up Molly, Nancy and Tom, the dogs. They won’t like that, ha ha.

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What a sad old town Alice is becoming, the town needs lights, it needs another Coles,it needs another Woolworths, it needs another Macdonalds. Come on you bunch of wooly jumper wearing, stuck in the 70s clowns. Progress the town.

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Monkey see monkey do!

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These two men more than likely are fathers and have more than likely been through Aboriginal business which gives them accesss to knowledge for country somewhere.
They are more than likely to have kids, no licenses, heavy drug smokers, heavy cigarette smokers and heavy drinkers, heavy wife bashers they will end up in jail, could end up dying someway before they reach 45-50 or end up being diabetics, or on renal.
This will come at a cost to the NT Government.
What about the kids who will grow them up? Department of Children and Families will play a role in creating an identity that these to young dickheads are responsible for and the circle of life will continue.
Education is the key, it’s a long painful task and it’s going to be extremely expensive. But it’s the truth and this is just one example of the day!

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