What many Alice Springs residents may not realise is that …

Comment on The millions and the misery by Everett.

What many Alice Springs residents may not realise is that it has an amazingly complicated welfare structure for what is a small town.
This is partly as a result of several religious denomination having had a mission around here. As well as the Catholics, Anglicans, Salvation Army and Lutherans, the Aboriginal sector has a suite of ‘head’ organisations, plus smaller topic-specific NGOs for Aboriginal client groups that perhaps weren’t getting what they should from the big players.
And as well as that, there are some non-denominational non-indigenous topic-specific NGOs, e.g. for substance misuse and housing – though in fact these are a problem for most clients of all the other organisations as well.
New NGOs, e.g. the Jesuits and Brotherhood of St Lawrence, have been getting involved relatively recently.
All these NGOs compete for funding for similar issues, and their workers seemed a bit miffed if the clients shop around to other places.
The welfare sector calls it ‘a silo mentality’, but it looked more like ‘owning the clients’. Perhaps a mainstream community approach might help to cut through the problem. Good Luck!

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