Gas reference group will have a hard time

2543 Bruce Francais 130LETTER TO THE EDITOR


Sir – The Chief Minister has recently announced the formation of the Community, Gas Industry and Business Reference Group.


The objective of this Group is to assist in establishing trust and confidence in the government and in the on-shore gas mining industry.


This objective will certainly be a difficult task to accomplish when considering that two thirds of our elected representatives of the people were excluded from the decision making process when the moratorium on fracking was lifted and the decision was made behind closed doors.


Shale gas mining using the hydraulic fracturing process has been arguably the most controversial issue ever faced in the NT with the majority of Territorians still fervently opposed to it.


It is generally believed that the NT Government succumbed to intense pressure from Federal authorities to lift the moratorium.


The Group will be comprised of representatives from the community, environmental groups, local business, the gas industry, land councils and local government. It will meet four times a year with the first meeting being on July 3.


The Mayor of Katherine, Fay Miller, has been invited by the Chief Minister’s Office to become a member to represent Katherine and has accepted the position.


Mrs Miller has gone on to say that there will be a lot of work involved with a lot of additional reading to be done, and “the government recognizes the importance of engaging the NT community in relation to delivering a safe and reliable onshore gas mining industry that benefits Territorians and values our unique environment”.


Bruce Francais





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  1. Braedon Earley
    Posted June 5, 2018 at 9:17 am

    Community, Gas Industry and Business Reference Group. Is nothing but a fluffy front for a Labor Government that didn’t listen to its constituents. Massive fail.

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