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2548 Lost & Found 1 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA


Creative people in The Alice are fascinated with stuff they can get cheap, preferably for nothing, that is pre-loved, old, used, found, faded, bent, and covered in patina.


It might be a way of thumbing their noses at the consumer culture where expensive is beautiful: So is cheap, they say. It’s the thought that counts.


Sustainable Couture, celebrating 10 years, as well as Wearable Arts, both draw big audiences year after year (it’s hoped Wearable Arts will return this year). Now, here’s Lost & Found, curated by Beth Woodward.


Last night 15 artists showed their works, not only charming the opening crowd with their quirky fabrications, but also by where they were shown, with canapés and wine, at the delightful Residency, where Sonja van Bavel is carrying on the great work by Tara Leckey.


Don’t take my word for it – judge for yourself.


AT LEFT: Martin Oostermeyer and daughter Indigo. You can play a tune on his collection named Sinelines.


2548 Lost & Found 3 OK


Bower, by Bronwyn Field.


2548 Lost & Found 5 OK


Tutu the Rhythm by Savannah Wark and Amy Shearer (this piece was recently exhibited in the Alice Youth Recycled Art prize).


2548 Lost & Found 2 OK


Ancient Packaging by Alison Hittmann.




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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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