As an usher over recent years, it has been a …

Comment on Eisteddfod is match day for young artists by Chris Hawke.

As an usher over recent years, it has been a delight to see kids grow in skill and confidence in so many areas.
These are foundational life skills for these young people both now and into the future.
I wish all young people could consider entering eisteddfods or similar events. Thankyou parents and carers for your hours of loving support.
Thanks to the hard working small committee for drawing kids, families, sponsors and community together.
Join the committee to help it happen again every year for all who wish to enjoy.

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Climate change from an Alice perspective: Time to act.
Well writtem Alex.
Let’s create more business, government and community action.
Catholics in their churches, schools and many organisations in Central Austraia are now exploring how to make the switch to renewables.
We are also exploring equity justice concerns around how to introduce solar in a way that benefits everyone and not just the wealthy or those with access to resources.
We are keen to explore partnerships with others to achieve better outcomes for us all, our future children our planet.

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