This is great news. Thank you Councillor Cocking and a …

Comment on At last, public will get a say on Anzac Oval: Town Council by Barry Skipsey.

This is great news. Thank you Councillor Cocking and a big thank you to all Councillors for supporting the motion. This is an opportunity to start again, in a basic, common sense and consultative fashion. Not the process of the “Cart Before The Horse” as we currently have it. Yes it may well be the government’s former Anzac Hill High School, but Anzac Oval is most definitely a community-owned asset. Personally, I’d rather not lose it, but now we’ll all have a REAL chance to say….. Yay Or Nay. SKIP

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Consultants with 40,000 years on the job
A great yarn about a potentially dying (skill) art and a great idea from singer-songwriter Ted.
Worthy of someone in the government to start looking before the skills are lost forever.
Back in the early 90s I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph Teddy Egan, out bush for a Southern Mag.
Softly spoken, I recall he was a quiet and gentle man.
And for the record, just it case it gets another run? I’ll claim responsibility for the image of the Ted Egan on the left. SKIP

Council election: The counts so far.
Jodie knocked on my door and sat on my cane chair on my front verandah.
She was eager to make her pitch, but I offered her a glass of water and said you need not bother my dear.
The fact that you’re pounding the footpath and your a young lady (forgive me for that terminology, I’m an old Territorian) you HAVE my vote. And she did.
We need more women on the Council. Jimmy was my second vote for councillor as I believe Damien has earnt the right to push on.
And finally, Jacinta represents our new age of reason. If we could only replicate her level of experience, understanding, balance and empathy that her parents Bess and David instilled in this young Territorian, woow.
You GO girl. You are fit to perform and represent us on the National Stage. No risk.

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