Lhere Artepe cannot even raise a proper quorum with all …

Comment on National Aboriginal art gallery in the wide open spaces? by Arunta Man.

Lhere Artepe cannot even raise a proper quorum with all so called Estate Groups still waiting one and a half years.Two things: There are problems with what is happening now with the Art Centre.
Secondly, will it be the same thing with the so called cultural venue?
We, the people especially the true traditional people of this land, would like to know.
Maybe Owen and Harold would like to inform the true people of this land, and not be like of the Gunna Doo Government who are trying to over-run our people.
In all my years I have never heard or seen a write up in the paper of a cultural venue.
Maybe they can put the members’ names in the paper and the vicinity where their cultural centre is going to be built.
I put this to the Central Land Council in 2012 at the Annual General Meeting at Finke and the CEO and white administration wanted nothing to do with it.
Looking at the people at this meeting seems to me no true traditional LAW MEN OR WOMEN were invited. Educated half caste people.

Recent Comments by Arunta Man

Don’t mess with our treasures, says Alice
Mate in the white man’s world every thing is destroyed. It’s all to do with money hungry people.
How many places for lease in town? Go spend your money renting these. Use it for the markets.
Alex who was the Aboriginal Minister? And I think the Broome Open Air operates once a week to a fullhouse.

Horses to be culled, dead ones left for sun to ‘do its work’
It has been brought to the attention of Central Land Council lawyer Robert Gosford months ago that donkeys are being let loose by Alan Martin on Athenge Hlere Land Trust, breeding and running wild, looking for food and water.
On January 23 Jonathon Conway and I met with Robert on other issues.
At the meet I produced photos of donkeys near my fence trying to get in looking for food and water.
My dogs hunted them out of our yard.
When seeing the photos Robert said Alan was told to round up and get rid of the donkeys.
Jonathon asked who gave Alan permission to have these animals for he did not consult the proper traditional owners, the Conway and Steven Families.
Like Robert Gosford keeps saying, all traditional owners need to be involved.
Alan is doing what he likes and does not belong to the land.
Jonathon made a serious comment that they want our land back and these people to be moved off.
Should they not get rid of these poor animals? Another saga of Santa Teresa.
Yesterday I rang CLC at 8.52am and spoke with Bonita, secretary of the General Manager Nigel Graves to complain that nothing is being done about this awful situation.
Same crap … in meeting … get in touch with Joe Martin Jard.
Bonita told me Joe was out bush, not told how long.
Last month I rang the RSPCA spoke to a bloke said he was going to see Alan – no feedback.
About five months ago there were four donkeys now there are about 20 breeding well if not someone is releasing more to roam.
Cruelty to dumb animals.
[ED – We are inviting the CLC to comment.]

Now $90m earmarked for Aboriginal gallery
Last Thursday week Arunta men met on the banks of the Todd down from the Anzac Oval.
A plan was presented and it was completely different from the one I saw in the papers which showed the oval would be part of the building complex.
This plan showed the oval will not be touched at all. The grandstands are to be removed. It was agreed steel a fence would be built around the whole complex.
The meeting was nearly over when it was suggested that the Cultural Centre be built on the same block.
According to a pamphlet from Gunner, do they need 40,000 square metres for the one building and that will take all the school area plus more? So how big a building is this Culture Centre going to be?

Aboriginal gallery is bound to have a stone wall
It all comes back to square 1. $50m would be the cost to rid of the school and maybe build a couple of unisex toilets.
No 2: We still have not got the new grounds to keep the sports men and women to play their sports and the question is how long to wait for the grass to grow and build the facilities?
No 3: Where is the money for the Art Centre?
No 4: Where is the money to build the two new ovals with lights?
We, the people, would like to know, Mr Gunner.

Land rich, jobs poor: Indigenous work around The Rock
I worked there as housing officer, all lies they say they are looking for literate people.
Let’s look at the white rangers that are given the positions over the traditional men or women.
The point is that these Aboriginals can speak good English and they have the knowledge to talk to the tourist who understand.
While there was a ranger’s position, applicants were a white young woman from Sydney and a 40 year old traditional man who spoke good English and a cultural lawman for the land.
I knew the ranger who was on the interview panel and he told me the law man missed out on one question.
My question back to him was what does this woman know about Uluru?
No, we are going to employ this man for six months to teach her all about law and culture and for her to lead the tourist so they will understand all about Uluru. What a lot of crap.
The moral and the truth is that they did not want this man living over the hill in the ranger village. Racist.

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