It is apparent that Mr Gunner and cohorts including Seldom …

Comment on Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee by Chris2.

It is apparent that Mr Gunner and cohorts including Seldom Seen Snowden have tapped out on law and order.
So petrified that Aunty ABC and the journalist who bought about the royal commission will butter up for a second serve, Gunner hides and denies that Alice is a bee’s whisker away from anarchy. Where do we go from here?

Recent Comments by Chris2

Interstate COVID hotspots: Will the bad guys get caught?
Mr Gunner is somewhere in Alice today but only the true believers will get to see him.
“Same response as above – zilch.” Zilch about sums him up.

10 years for people recruiting kids to commit crimes
Best part of four years in power and suddenly you’re listening to the people.
If per chance you did get re elected the first adverse ABC report or bit of pressure from a faceless adviser would see your tough new measures vanish faster than a prawn at a pensioners lunch.
Never mind donkeys Alex Nelson, Mr Gunner assumes we are half witted sheep.

Person offences up, property down, in lock-down month
Erm … strong case for curfew. But you can bet the faceless experts who are never challenged for their failed touchy feel good programs of no blame and no accountability will have all the answers.

Curfew a child protection measure: Territory Alliance
Four years and millions of dollars have been channeled into soft options and so called diversions. Clearly an absolute failure. Look at last night’s crime spree and prove me wrong.

Progress for $20bn Sun Cable
Breaking the boom bust cycle wow. Sounds like spin to me.
How about facts and figures. Projected start date, completion date, cost.
“We are fast becoming an energy super power” and without a shovel full of dirt lifted.
The minder who came up with that needs a holiday.

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