The whole thing seems like a misdirection. Everyone is focusing …

Comment on ‘Largest, most representative’ collection gives SA gallery edge by James T Smerk.

The whole thing seems like a misdirection.
Everyone is focusing on where it should be built and ultimately it won’t get built because the government won’t budge on the location and Adelaide will beat us to the punch.
Meanwhile no-one is asking what else are they are doing in the town (that isn’t in the normal budgeted improvements) and what they might do if the galley falls through.
Maybe they could do something about the youth of town, and make the town safe which is their bound duty as elected officials.
Seems like they can make a promise that won’t happen and save some money at the same time.

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Feds may fund CAAMA even in administration
If a business can’t make profit it needs to adapt and make profit or close. Simple.

Lambley: Gunner Government gives away $5m youth camp
I’m actually surprised this isn’t all over Facebook with the keyboard warriors around today.

Lambley: Gunner Government gives away $5m youth camp
Is it April fools already.
Don’t worry, when and if they choose to do something about the crime around Alice they will just spend another five mil somewhere else. And so on.

Man robbed, but wait, there’s so much more on FB
For such a proud people who deal in respect and shame, this kind of action goes against everything generations before them stood for. Their culture is changing before our very eyes and may never be respected again, especially by NT people who have lived through this stuff. Sad.

New Opposition Leader: Crime was the main topic
I fear there is no end in sight. I have my doubts on whether either party will do anything or enough to make a difference.
With more than a dozen serious incidences last night alone the town is done for.

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