The whole thing seems like a misdirection. Everyone is focusing …

Comment on ‘Largest, most representative’ collection gives SA gallery edge by James T Smerk.

The whole thing seems like a misdirection.
Everyone is focusing on where it should be built and ultimately it won’t get built because the government won’t budge on the location and Adelaide will beat us to the punch.
Meanwhile no-one is asking what else are they are doing in the town (that isn’t in the normal budgeted improvements) and what they might do if the galley falls through.
Maybe they could do something about the youth of town, and make the town safe which is their bound duty as elected officials.
Seems like they can make a promise that won’t happen and save some money at the same time.

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Alice students fire up for climate action
I think there should be more focus on the other countries (America, China and India) and doing what we can to get them to act. Locally there isn’t going to be much of an impact apart from annoy part of the population with no result.

Council: push to declare climate emergency backfires
The way of the future. Those with the smallest voice getting all the attention because the majority are happy to sit back and not get ‘involved’ in anything.
Let’s all get up in arms over climate change on a local council level, I’m sure that will fix it.
We wouldn’t want to focus on issues the council might actually be able to do something about such as homelessness, crime, growing the town and bringing tourists back.

Police gets street parking, cops’ private cars in compound
How do the parks at the new building compare to their old one? Or are they lots of new cop cars due to our lovely crime stats?
Why not park over in old complex across the road? Or knock it down and make a new carpark for town.

Police seek public assistance following assault
Re: Liberal – it’s going to happen one day.
I love it how it is better not to offend than to find the criminals.
Why not have a description of their appearance / skin colour. Oh, that’s right, because we don’t want to offend or cause any conceptions of a stereotyping even if they are based on facts.

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
Yes, everyone keep talking about this thing that will never happen.
Why aren’t we coming up with alternative ventures for the Government to build?
They have been promising this for far too long while doing nothing else (big project wise) for the town.
Stop following their carrot and make them give us something else!

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