What are people crapping on about? Ilparpa is a rural …

Comment on What Ilparpa farm area residents are facing by Perrule.

What are people crapping on about?
Ilparpa is a rural area, let these people run their business.

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Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
Millions of dollars worth of land and no chance of controlling it with Shane Lindner in there.
The Central Land Council had so much historic information about Central Australia. Where is it?
The true Mparntwe people, mostly descendants of Sid Ross, should ask for the Alice Springs determination of Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation (LAAC) to go back to the High Court.
The LAAC board should consist of four Mparntwe and two plus two of the sideshow groups who should not have a full say, anyway.

And now, your friendly neighbourhood prison
Heather, the stuff Shane Lindner is talking about is rubbish. The elders have no capability or capacity to train young people to behave.
Kids are not going to learn to be upstanding citizens by a few visits to elders.
Blaming problems of society because kids don’t know their language or culture is bullshit.
I have many Aboriginal friends who work, look after their houses, lead productive lives and they are not cultural.
Aboriginal people are blaming this and that. If they want to know something Aboriginal tell them to contact CLC and ask about getting some information on Sid Ross (passed away).
Those Aboriginal people who are not related have a similar status to white fellas, they don’t belong.
Most real TOs are happy to work and live with the new generation of Alice residents.

Prof Gerritsen: We got it wrong from the start
Whitegate: The descendants of Sid Ross should decide what to do about claiming the land, the people trying to claim the land are not the rightful owners.
It is outside of the Native Title determination area for Alice Springs.
Despite this, eight years ago the government was prepared to give the entire block of land surrounds to LAAC to be owned and cared for by the entire group of traditional owners. But one greedy group prevented it.

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
Sid Ross (passed away) is the main traditional owner and custodian of the land Shane Lindner is fighting for power over at LAAC beyond.
It’s time CLC released some of their information about Sid Ross being the real main owner of Alice Springs.
Shane Lindner has nothing to do, no reason to be at LAAC. He should go and find people to fight with elsewhere.

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