Forget the whole issue, the credit card cannot handle it. …

Comment on National Aboriginal art gallery: The horse and the cart by Gavin Carpenter.

Forget the whole issue, the credit card cannot handle it.
If “someone” could come up with some definitive figures and cost analysis of the benefits supposedly to be made I could perhaps change my mind.
It will be a noose around the taxpayer’s neck forever, long after these people pushing for it are dead and buried.
Grandkids and great grandkids will wish their forefathers had a little more forethought.

Recent Comments by Gavin Carpenter

Locally produced hemp could replace plastic
Come on Trevor, this is positive thinking and we unfortunately have very little of this available in the Territory.
I have two hemp shirts, the hemp grown overseas, the shirts made and purchased overseas and will get a couple more when overseas soon.
Best shirts I have ever had. Bad luck they are not Australian.

Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
It was a very popular spot for weekend BBQs 50 years or so ago, out of town, peace and quiet, reasonably easy to get there, out of sight, out of mind.
Dropped in there some months ago for a look, first time for years.
Wasn’t even sure how to get there again. Feds turn up within a few minutes of pulling up with the usual questions, Who? Why? Where etc. Your rego is out of date!
It was several weeks over so a trip via MVR on the way home. They come in handy for the odd things in life.

Fixing taps or fixing policy?
Yes Hermann. When Warrabri plus most others had a market garden, orchard, some with a piggery and some with chooks.
Self sufficiency at its best with extra for sale to make a dollar for the community.
Plus the health benefits. It was a regular weekly circus when the truck from Warrabri turned up in Paterson Street, Tennant Creek, loaded with the in season veg.
Mums grabbing what they wanted, kids crying, dogs fighting and pushers being pulled home loaded with the week’s veg, kids still crying and having to walk. Had to pull the pusher, no concrete paths to walk on. A truck load sold in about 30 minutes.
On the water issue, one place had water supply problems, the tank was always empty.
A plumber went out with a bucket full of spring loaded taps and replaced every tap in the place, no more water running away with taps left on, no water shortage.
Three months later he was sent back to put back turn on taps at great expense to all: “We can’t wash our hands with spring loaded taps.”
So, water shortage again with water running down the street.

Council ‘in the way’ of Alice development: Chief Minister
I would suggest Gunner have a good look at himself. All very well to blame the Alice Springs Town Council however if the government (Gunner) had used any decent business like approaches to the town there is a possibility the art gallery would have been a goer (not that we need it or can afford it).
The total lack of business acumen stands out in virtually every thing the government does, hence being broke for a start.
Where are the highly paid public servants that are supposedly there to give sound and sensible advice to the government? Sitting on their hands keeping seats warm ready for retirement??

Don’t mess with our treasures, says Alice
I’m not sure it should be heritage listed as the many changes made over the years have taken away the original concept.
My understanding is that if heritage listed any further alterations or repairs would not or could not be done without problems as has been proved elsewhere.
They then fall into disrepair and eventually fall down anyway. Is there another way of saving heritage without the restrictions of total heritage listing?
Great dust storm photo taken from the rear of the ANZ Bank prior to add ons.
Holden car belonged to the chemist Don Brown.
Some great meals had at the walk-in cafe run by Billy Woods in the 60s. Steak and eggs cooked straight on the top of a big wood stove was a favorite.

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