A very interesting subject matter and hope more effort will …

Comment on Realistic Re-Power Alice plan for 100% solar by John Waterhouse.

A very interesting subject matter and hope more effort will put into renewable energy.
One point needs clarifying, this 1414 degrees C required to melt silicon, for a start where would you get that kind of temperature?
Perhaps its a mix up of terms, latent heat is measured in kilojoules per kilogram, so do I assume what was meant was 1414 kilojoues of energy per kilogram of silicon being melted?
This is after the sensible heat required to raise it to melting point, whatever temperature that is, plus added sensible heat added after. To raise a head of steam requires a lot of latent heat.

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Finke story: The front and the back of the field
As far as I can remember this event has been going since the late 1970s.
[ED – Yes, John. This year’s was the 45th. I covered every single one and loved it. Regards, Erwin.]

Finke film: Race, pilgrimage, danger, skill, fun
Once or twice we watched the start of that race from under a parachute when we used that area as a drop zone.

Pine Gap to buy electricity from NT Government
I was lead to believe that Pine Gap used 110 volt at 60 cycles as against our 240 volt 50 cycles, how are they going to work together?

Tourist perished: Has Coroner’s recommendation been followed?
I remember two young Asian girls asking me directions to start a bush walk from Echo Point in Katoomba. It was late afternoon and I advised them not to go ahead with the walk at this time, it’s a rough track and was close to nightfall, people have got lost out there, and died. I think they listened.

Mystery deepens about lost German woman
Going for a bush walk out there when it’s going to be 42 degrees is not a good idea.
I loved bush walking and went out with the kids a lot when I lived in Alice Springs but not when that hot.

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