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What’s great about the Old Timers Fete, brought to you mostly by volunteers, is that it’s the same every year – you can’t improve on perfection – but some of the faces are always new.


2568 Old Timers stall 1


Early the rush is on to the stalls with clothing – much of it hand-made.


2568 Old Timers stall 2


At this stall, staffed by volunteers Aileen Lakey and Ruth Kahira, knitted and crocheted dolls were for sale, many of them sent to Alice from church and community groups in South Australia.


2568 Old Timers wheel


Todd Grierson (pictured), manager of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, Jeff Huyben from the Mercure Alice Springs Resort and airport CEO Dave Batic took a day off from tourism marketing to tout the wheel of fortune – “five dollars a ticket for three spins” – for prizes donated by local businesses.


2568 Old Timers books


As usual books were a hit, $1 had cover, 50c paperback. People carried them away in boxes. But at the end of the day, hundreds of CDs, video and audio tapes were left over, even a few 78s – remember what these are? – a sign of the times as home entertainment has mostly switched to digital or online.


2568 Old Timers tea


Bev Conroy and Alisa Turner enjoyed tea and cream scones in the Old Timers museum, served by Girl Guides including Iris Jacko (below).


2568 Old Timers guide


2568 Old Timers Ruth


Ruth Apelt and Jon Veverbrants.


2568 Old Timers penny


Douglas Draeger surveyed the fete from the top of a Penny Farthing.


2568 Old Timers oldies


As always, it was the day young and old got together.




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