Desert Festival: The CBD will be the stage

p2044 Festival stills 2 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA


This year’s Desert Festival, as part of a four-year plan, will work with existing venues, restaurants, accommodation and businesses within the CBD, transforming the route from Gap Road to Anzac Oval into a festive space throughout spring.


Red Hot Arts says the strip will very much be a festival precinct, with the season running from 31st August 31 to October 13 with 33 shows, an interactive arts program for children, professional workshops and even more promoted shows.


“This allows festival patrons the flexibility to find a show every week rather than a condensed short run that competes for their attention,” says Barbara Clifford.


“By spreading out artists and entertainment will be available to travelers and a busy local community through to October.


“Desert Festival is proud to be working with some of the leading venues in town, including popular haunts such as Montes Lounge, Gap View Hotel, Totem Theatre, Alice Springs Cinema, Epilogue Lounge, Town Council Lawns and the newly renovated spaces at 67 Bath Street.


“With the implementation of permanent staff at Red Hot Arts engaged to assist in professional development, production design and promotion, the focus is to support artists to create a unique experience for their audience that is a little different to what audiences may normally expect,” says Ms Clifford in a media release.


p2044 Festival stills girls“As you’d come to expect from the arts, the Desert Festival has not shied away from controversy and festival goers can expect to experience events like films of political commentary, burlesque and avant garde experimentation.


“Red Hot Arts promotional channels have expanded in 2017-18 with LED signage, large posters and window wraps at 67 Bath Street.


“Next Red Hot Arts will be installing over 30 digital posters in key locations for promoting to the region’s visitors.”


PHOTOS: Craig Mathewson’s Dusty Feet Dance Collective used Todd Mall locations for his 2013 festival production.




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