What a bunch of ‘little kids’! This lot are supposed …

Comment on Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership by Original Centralian.

What a bunch of ‘little kids’! This lot are supposed to be representing the community.
There are a lot of ‘Big Egos’ on council. Grow up and do the job you were put there to do. Get over your bitching at each other.
Leadership is what is needed, not Big Egos and Ryan and Mooney are running the council like it is their own classroom ie marking the roll for attendance. Do council members have to produce a note as to why they are absent? What a joke!
Of course they were behind Malcolm Turnbull’s reception along with Price and deBrenni. Well,the CLP should be paying for that function not the ratepayers.
Bringing the council into disrepute, says Price, well she and Satour had done that already a while ago. Maybe it is time for a clean up and let’s have a new election. Scrub this council and get some new ones in. Couldn’t be any worse than what we have now.

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Council cemetery: Seven years of planning, no conclusive result
I visit the Memorial cemetery weekly and am absolutely disgusted with the condition it is in. I often see tourist there when I go and I avoid speaking to them because I am so embarrassed that it has been neglected.
It hurts me to see my family’s final resting place in such a state.
The garden cemetery is well looked after so why isn’t the Memorial one?
I am yet to see anyone there doing anything to improve it.
While I am at it, who is responsible for unlocking the gates?
I have been on a number of occasions with flowers in hand to visit my relatives and the gates are locked. Have tried different times of the day and still locked.
I can’t see a phone number on the notice board at the front to call the person responsible.

Gallery: A great step backwards
It is a very sad day for Alice Springs residents. We have a council who do what they want (well most of them anyway). Hats off to Cr Melky, Banks, Cocking and Satour for listening to the people. There are a lot of angry people out there today!

Scullion and Price charged for PM’s reception
Rex Mooney and Damian Ryan knew they were trying to pull the wool over ratepayers’ eyes and thought they could get away with it. Good to see we do have some level headed members on council who are representing the ratepayers.

Anzac Precinct: govt declines to play ball, confusion reigns
Come on Alice Springs Town Councillors. Cards on the table.
Are you with the people who voted you in and whom you are representing or are you with the bullies of the Northern Territory Government?
The Council poll says – NO DEAL! Are you going to let Gunner, Wakefield and Moss ride roughshod over you! Stand up to them.
This is our town not theirs. They just want to dump another lemon onto us like they did with the Supreme Court building. OMG, what an eyesore that is right in the middle of town.
We are a country town not a city. If tourist want to see a city then they have plenty to pick from. Don’t ruin our hometown!

Price, Turnbull should pay for town council function: Cr Banks
Yep, most definitely should not expect the ratepayers to foot the bill. Send it to Price and Scullion. Honestly, some people think the ratepayers won’t find out if the council pay for this stuff.
What else are we paying for that we don’t know about?
[ED – Hi, Original Centralian. Keep reading the Alice Springs News Online. We asked the hard questions.]

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