@ Ray, Posted August 19, 2018 at 5:50pm: Spot on …

Comment on Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’ by James T Smerk.

@ Ray, Posted August 19, 2018 at 5:50pm: Spot on Ray.

James T Smerk Also Commented

Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’
If they are doing it there they need to rip the band-aid off quickly and just get it done. We all know they will end up doing what they want anyway.
I feel like they are just entertaining the people with ideas that the site can change (ticking mandatory boxes), but it won’t.

Recent Comments by James T Smerk

‘Disgust’ at site choices for youth detention facilities
Come on now APO who will be compensating the neighbours of these locations if they are built in residential areas?
Because having that built next door is going to halve the value of your house and invite a noisy and hostile environment.
Having multiple locations for these kids to be at would cost a fortune to staff and make safe at each location.
All in one place is cost effective when the government already has no money.
I would guess it’s getting placed next door to a prison so that if anything goes down, trained professionals can come across and assist so that the under-trained admin staff aren’t being used like security guards.
Maybe if parents or family didn’t want to have to pay for a way out to these places they might pay more attention to their responsibilities and basic human nature of raising your children.

Lambley: Another government backflip?
Ahh Robyn, the Government has been neglecting Alice for the past few years.
There always seems to be big money spent on the Darwin every five minutes (case in point the announced boat lift).
When was the last time a big project was promoted and completed in Alice … and I don’t mean the overpass or North Stuart Highway lane upgrade that no one asked for and seem pointless.
The Government seem to dangle carrots for the people of Alice with no intension of delivering.
The hospital carpark is a no-brainer, anyone who has been to the hospital for anything knows of the pain of parking there.
Also how about the Minister talk about the idea in meaningful way instead of just trying to be a bully and trying to make fun of people.
I’m sick of how our politicians think its OK to make fun of opposition ideas and comments and vice versa. Can we all be adults and not try to bully others?

Policing is still just a numbers game
Can someone organise a petition (I’m obviously too lazy) to send to the Government requesting harsher punishments for offenders?
I’m pretty sure most of the population of Alice Springs would sign it. Maybe then they might listen.

Alice vs The Rock, at a glance
They should be very worried about the closure of the climb as this will impact tourist numbers at Uluru. This time next year will be crisis levels for tourism (more so then now, anyway).

Wakefield, Gunner release comprehensive youth crime plan
It’s better than nothing but it has taken far too long to come up with.
Pull your finger out Government.
Alice is dying a slow death and it feels like we live in a war zone.

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