I would not like to have any building, museum, hall, …

Comment on Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’ by Gavin Carpenter.

I would not like to have any building, museum, hall, cultural centre, call it what you may based on the Nyinkka Nyunyu exercise in Tennant Creek.
It is a great building, don’t get me wrong BUT the cost was humongous for what is there.
It is closed more often than open because of staffing problems and the way is/was supposed to be operate, I could go on.
Is this just another case of the tail (public service) wagging the dog (politicians) again to justify jobs?
I made this comment to a pollie some years ago and the answer was “yes we know but do not know how to change it”.
I was speechless for some considerable time.

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Mayor’s ‘conflict’: council to ask for independent legal opinion
So, we don’t like the in-house advice re conflicts of interest, obtain further advice. If we don’t like that answer we will get further advice until we get the answer we want. Don’t you worry about that, the mug ratepayer will cover the cost.
What a mob of clowns trying to run the show!!!!

Curfew: What else could fix youth crime?
We attended a function recently. About half the number that should have been there were missing.
On contacting and approaching a few as to why they did not attend the answer from all were “we don’t go out at night anymore, will not park our car in the street at night”.
A couple of very long timers even said they were looking at moving out.
About time the powers that be found some intestinal fortitude and cleaned the place up regardless of what UN, social workers, dreamers and do-gooders have to say!

Conflict of interest raised in council’s rejection of gallery offer
So it is now the Town Council’s fault nothing has happened!
The council have finally got the message from the town’s people about what could / should / possibly happen and it so transpires it does not agree with the government line.
They now bring up any excuse to blame the council, the street sweeper, the garbage collector, anyone they can think of except themselves for the idiotic way they have gone about the whole process.
Kindergarten kids could do a better job. This whole issue has cost thousands through total incompetence of the current government.

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
More garbage and spin from a mob of incompetents.
If you want something to happen you take the crowd with you, something these clowns have no idea about. Had this happened in the first instance there is a fair chance the place would have been half built by now and millions saved.
Meetings behind closed doors will only get people off side.

Gallery statement by ministers mischievous: Councillor
Well said, Eli, a perfectly logical point of view. The current government could not be trusted to run the local Friday night chook raffle at the club.

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