It is unfortunate that the transport museum has come to …

Comment on The NT Government’s problem with things national by Ray Vella.

It is unfortunate that the transport museum has come to this.
As a former Alice resident who worked the CATA and AAT coaches for 20 years may I say it will be a monstrous and disasterous step backwards if you think things will be any better in Broken Hill.
I was born in that town and still have relatives and close friends in the town and follow what is happening in the town.
The council is in a mess, the town is full of vandalism and drugs are rife throughout the town.
The mining heydays are finished and the town is dying.
You need to find somewhere else which is still vibrant.
I don’t like referring to the town like this but please be warned. Broken Hill is not what it used to be.
Its populatiion has shrunk from 35,000 to 19,000 and although the town looks big, half the houses are empty or have been demolished with empty blocks all over the town.
I wish the town well with its art galleries and minerals, but it is not the place to put a transport museum.

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