Government’s 2nd birthday – little to show: Higgins

p2239-Gary-HigginsSir – This week marks two years of the Labor government and the honeymoon period of blame and inaction should be well and truly over.


Territorians are tired of the ‘we are doing absolutely everything we can’ approach to the dire state of lawlessness and perilous state of the economy.


Labor promised it would create 14,000 jobs per year, at last count we are at least 25,000 short.


We are at record lows of business confidence, property prices continue to fall and our debt is expected to reach a record level of $7.5 billion.


The Treasurer needs to publicly scrap the world’s worst mining tax, and the proposed vacant commercial property levy, which is a land tax by any other name.


The latest crime statistics (year to 30 June 2018) reinstate what Territorians already know – despite the best work of police, Labor has presided over a state of lawlessness.


Alcohol related assaults are up 19% across the Territory, reinforcing that the Banned Drinker Register is not working as a standalone tool.


Gary Higgins

Leader of the Opposition




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