Forget the “bloody” thing , it is a farce, all …

Comment on New gallery committee to get no say on location by Evelyne Roullet.

Forget the “bloody” thing , it is a farce, all consultations were not necessary as the government will do what it wants, and it knew it from day one.
So no more talk and have some actions:
Please demolish the oval, block the traffic during the exercise and customers will not be able to go shopping and the shops keepers who believed it will bring business will have the reverse for months.
The Council will have monies from the sale of the oval, and will give one year free rates to compensate the home owners.
I would strongly advice Ms Moss to travel and visit museum and galleries to see if she agrees with her statement: “I would argue strongly against South Australia having more iconic art than the Northern Territory.”

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New gallery committee to get no say on location
The report explains how this can be prevented, but did not explain why/how people living on the same roof, using the same IP address, missed out on voting. People voting from an internet cafe would had the same IP address.

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‘Catastrophic’ drop in construction work
@ Alex. The difference between democracy and tyranny is this: In democracy you are free to talk and keep talking while the government does what it wants.
In tyranny you are told to shut your mouth while the government does want it wants.

Say no to no go, urge anti-frackers
Elected government, like other workers, should sign a contract highlighting their promises.
Promises not kept will annul the contract (without pay) and another election could be called.

Alice to get first Aboriginal owned earth ground station
Dehne Mclaughlin: If you do a bit of research instead of being negative, you will be surprised to find out that they are a lot of Aboriginal scientists capable to run it.

‘Cheating wife’ tracker could have found alleged Darwin killer
Is ths real or a rehearsal for an horror / comedy?

Rates may rise 3.5% but no civic centre swap in draft budget
The rates payers are the employers of the Council (Mayor, Councillors) and the subcontractors (CEO and all others employees) and as such we have the right to demand a performance year review/report, like :
Communication with the public.
Collaboration and teamwork (no stabbing in the back between councillors).
Problem-solving? Nothing done for children shelter!
Attendance and dependability, quality and accuracy of work.
No attendance to meetings only with a very valid reason.
Ability to accomplish goals and meet deadlines: Give us a list of achieved goals.

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