The crystal ball tells me there will be squabbling over …

Comment on National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud by Matt.

The crystal ball tells me there will be squabbling over this for the foreseeable future and meanwhile, South Australia will smoothly construct their own iconic site leaving the Territory with nothing.

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Gunner goofs: No council ‘decisions’ on gallery site
This is just a personal opinion, but does anybody else feel like this golden opportunity of a project to secure the future of Central Australia both in an economic and cultural sense on the world stage is slowly slipping through the fingers?
Bitterness, petty rivalry between councillors, political “up yours” tactics and infighting is sure to erode away any serious interest from the Government in proceeding with the project if the council don’t pull it together.
I just hope that the councillors bear this in mind the next time they meet about this topic and work together rather than against one another before its too late.

Architect of Katherine’s masterplan to be Alice council CEO
Sounds like a good choice.

Motion carried for former Prime Minister, Jacinta Price to pay for council party
John you know Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time” speech about Hitler? That’s how wrong you are and I can only assume you’re a CLP member trying to put your own spin on this.
So let’s face some facts here. The PM came to town to promote a Liberal candidate for the up and coming election and for NO other real purpose.
The reception and launch was paid for on the backs of local rate payers and was masqueraded as a public event despite all the invites being done by Minister Scullions office, all the media being scrutinised by the PM’s office and the town council having diddly squat say over their own event, what was discussed or who attended.
The Mayor is a long time CLP sympathiser and has a son in law running for the senate on the CLP ticket. The Deputy Mayor is the Deputy President of the CLP and Cr Price is the bloody candidate for the CLP. All of these people have massive conflicts of interest, end of friggin story.
But because none of these people wanted egg on their faces despite all doing something they would have known they shouldn’t be doing, and now it has turned to a sh@#storm.
The funny thing is though is that all that would have been required to neutralise this in the first place would have been to show some decency and responsibility for what happened, take it on the nose, apologise and just pay the bloody bill.
This would have all gone away at this point. A bit embarrassing but done in any case.
But yet again, to probably save face, now this “anonymous concerned donator” comes into the fold to pay on the same day before the motion was even carried.
For people with fantasies of power, it seems their political skill level will take them to just that, deluded fantasies.

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
The bigotry of the left?

For what? Calling out the misappropriation of public funds for a private political campaign.

As for divide and conquer tactics, what could be more divisive than a minority on the council (one of whom is the deputy president of said political party and the other the father in law of one of the candidates) paying for a hijacked council event with public money for a Political campaign launch and giving an actual political figure from that Party (Nigel Scullion) the ability to pick who can and can’t come to the Council event and then giving guest (Malcolm Turnbull) the right to pick what media attend to question him at a supposedly local public event?

The definition of bigotry is “intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.” By tossing your toys about or being called out for foul play and not allowing anybody to ask any real questions rather than have a whitewashed and sterile event, you are in fact demonstrating the behavioural tendencies of ab.

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
I sincerely cannot believe that people are so surprised that such shenanigans were going to take place when the divisions are so obvious.

Half the sitting Town councillors are current or former CLP members and there are no Greens or Labor councillors at all on it (although Jimmy could be argued as being Green inclined).

Which basically translates to the CLP crowd versus a bunch of increasingly united independents from the Town (and across the spectrum) saying no to this bullshit.

There was no way that that council was going to willingly agree to use ratepayers money to pay for a defacto campaign launch for Jacinta (Jeez even Robyn Lambley said it was awkward) nor would it have optionally agreed to have Nigel Scullion’s office doing all the invites for a Town Council EVENT or to the Prime Minister’s office vetting what media was allowed in.

What amateurs…….Would you like some bandages for that bullet hole in your foot?

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