Why is no one listening to the people of Alice …

Comment on National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud by Kathy.

Why is no one listening to the people of Alice Springs? Selective hearing or cannot read the writing on the wall?
We have two terrific sites that already accommodate Aboriginal Art, why have a third?
Plus the NT Government cannot pay for the opening and full use of Darwin’s new hospital. Put the money to this better use and let all Territorians share this money that the government seem to allocate for the art gallery.

Recent Comments by Kathy

Town under pressure from visitor boom
Cannot the people responsible for the running of the park see what a draw the climb has always been in the past?
Well, the do gooders have got their way and the climb will be closed. But guess what.
Not too far in the future the climb will be opened again and this time besides paying for every person to enter the park, you will be required to pay to climb.

Gallery: no deal yet on land swap
Why is the NT Government demanding Alice Springs to have this gallery? Are they slow learners? The council chambers are on a prime site and a new building of less than 20 years.
Why would the council want the site taken from them and a prime real estate piece of town land given away?

Crack-down on mobile phone, VDU use while driving
It is omitted that a child sitting on a lap of a person, both should be in the back seat and not the front passenger seat.

Four weeks to comment on fracking chaos
Why is it that the government and the businesses that want to make money now and not think of the future, feel that living in the Territory is only to exploit the resources?
If we want people to live in the Territory, then they need access to drinking water as we have been so lucky to have.
If fracking comes in and human nature as it is, an accident happens, we then cannot stop the cracks in the basin from fracking, where the water gets stored by mother nature over the years, and so water will be leaking out and no longer [will we have] a storage basin for the water from the earth.

See the Red Centre without setting foot in Alice Springs
You can feel the change in The Alice already. The spirit is going out of the Centre.
People are sick and tired of the infighting between Alice and Darwin with Gunner making crazy decisions and not in the best interest of Territorians country wide.
The problems in the Alice are being ignored and Alice is suffering enough with out the flights bypassing our town.

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