Why or why don’t the Government listen to the people …

Comment on Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition by Yvonne Driscoll.

Why or why don’t the Government listen to the people who live in Alice and leave Anzac Oval alone. We will continue to fight for what we believe.

Recent Comments by Yvonne Driscoll

Printed Centralian Advocate soon to fold
Be real, there are so many people who need the written copy. Not everyone is online.

Way forward for nation-building projects – south of the Gap
What a fantastic idea. The Cultural Centre and the Art Gallery should be together and south of The Gap is a perfect location.

Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes
Please just build the art gallery south of the gap where the Aboriginal people want it. There can be a bus taking people into town and restaurants can offer specials deals to encourage tourists into the CBD . Don’t destroy our beautiful town by taking away our special oval. Listen to the Aboriginal people and show some respect, NT Govt. Thanks for being strong AS councillors.

Gallery: Anzac Oval still the sticking point
Oh boy, I thought the Aboriginal people have said NO to the ANZAC site.
I can’t believe this government. Town Council: Listen to the Aboriginal people and build the gallery SOUTH of the Gap. Unbelievable.

Election 2020 salvos fired with Alice the first battleground
Well said Trevor Shiell. Listen to the Aboriginal people and build the art gallery SOUTH of The Gap.

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