Possible compulsory acquisition! Why am I not surprised? …

Comment on Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition by Peter Hoey.

Possible compulsory acquisition! Why am I not surprised?

Recent Comments by Peter Hoey

Camps leader Shirleen Campbell, Local Hero
Well done to Shirleen and the other winners too. It’s a worthy group.

Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it
Well done Dale, I wish I could have dodged and weaved like that when I played footy.

Three town councillors in Country Party push
Wow! How many parties is that now Eli?

Red Centre NATS crowd numbers spin exposed
I guess the Finke numbers are a bit suss too, especially those camped down the track?
Plenty of movement back and forth for supplies.

Raindrops in Rangeview Estate
Umbrellas sold out in every store!!

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