Projects in Darwin go ahead, not sure and doubt if …

Comment on Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition by Jim.

Projects in Darwin go ahead, not sure and doubt if this or other projects apart from the constant talk will ever occur in the Alice. So what is the need for all this focus? Got to question.

Recent Comments by Jim

Planning an Aboriginal art centre without Aboriginal people
Sadly, Adelaide which is free of small town politics and has a much larger access to a bucket of money I suspect would have built this project while Alice and Darwin are still infighting.
Very few people living in that city ever experience the same daily connection to Aboriginal culture that many in The Alice experience in a positive way.
I suspect tokenistic consultation with Aboriginal Australia will occur re Adelaide project and Central Australian art will go on display at this new flash gallery.
However this will happen with lminimised input from groups and cultures in the Alice region!
Reality hits and amusing to watch.

Gallery at Anzac: Council has no position, says Deputy Mayor
Just come back from Darwin and observed many government projects in construction. Not sure what all the debate is really about except political hot wind. Personally doubt wether this project will ever see physical reality. So Alice need not stress, status quo will stay as is I expect, ableit some movement away from the site.

No youth hub at Newland, but it’s not the end of the story
As a father of teenage boys and a long term resident of Central Australia, the town needs options for all youth. This is not a question of difference between populations, reflective I believe in some of the expressions as portrayed by lobby groups. There needs to be safe opportunities for all youth to go to and engage in social activity beyond the digital. What and where needs to be discussed but I say yes to more youth options!

Government, council collaborate on spending $6.2 for sport
Upgrades of the soccer season / football Ross Park grounds! It’s a sport followed by many of our children.

Councillor fumes over power station job losses
Going solar locally is good and I support it but it has its problems when our power infrastructure is not sufficiently able to carry the increasing generation from private property.
This results in the domestic private investor or organisations not receiving the maximum benefit on their solar panels.
Money needs to be spent on improving local infrastructure.

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