An international hotel is needed? Can’t see another hotel being …

Comment on Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition by Michael Dean.

An international hotel is needed? Can’t see another hotel being built just to accommodate people coming to see the art gallery.
The CLP dreamt about one on the spare land diagonally opposite Harvey Norman and that got nowhere.

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Rates freeze but reduction unlikely
So, feels good to go solar right. Try youtube, a film where Michael Moore is executive producer, at the 25.48 or so minute mark it’s explained how silicon is made. When I went to school, I was told by my teachers it comes from sand. Now it seemingly appears they use coal to burn quartz, to make the product needed for solar panels.
As someone once said, “please explain”

Keep real time fire tracking tool funded: pollies
Who woke Snowden up?

Macs stay closed while other COVID restrictions come down
Gunner has one eye on the election too: Stage 1 restrictions lifted on the Friday before a long weekend. Same with stage 3 restrictions.

Council: decision on Covid relief delayed
@ Evelyne: Stop the transfer, simple.

Council: decision on Covid relief delayed
Come on Council, make a decision and the right one, waive the next instalment.
While a voucher scheme sounds all warm and fuzzy, you can’t spend the voucher at a property that has had to close because the landlord can’t pay the rates.
And no, I am not a landlord, but I can understand the choice many will be facing.

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