It is clear that a National Indigenous Art Gallery will …

Comment on Gallery: Council did not say boo by Margaret Clinch.

It is clear that a National Indigenous Art Gallery will be important to Alice Springs.
However the people of Alice Springs, of both Aboriginal and European heritages, obviously do not want the Art Gallery built at Anzac Oval. It is too significant to them for other important reasons. The people have said so, and keep on saying so, in spite of what seems to be great pressure from the North.
Sadly not everyone is choosing to believe the ordinary people of Alice Springs, but believe them they should, for this is a matter of the heart.
Business people should realise that this National Indigenous Art Gallery will have such national standing, if done well must have a unique Australian feel, and will attract tourist visitors to fly to Alice from all over the world.
That is a prime reason why it must be built in the right Territory setting, with the right natural colourful backdrop, and have room to grow.
In, or near the CBD obviously does not have the right feel. It is not the right place.
Let’s get on with it now, in the right place where there is suitable land.
In the meantime, we must abhor the NTG’s threat of an attack on council. Alice Springs Town Council are legal custodians of Anzac Oval.
The fact is that council is democratically elected, and manages this very special oval for all people of Alice Springs.
For the NTG to even threaten compulsory acquisition of this land would be a mean intervention, set to re-ignite old Berrimah Line wounds.
PLan: The Planning Action Network, Inc.

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