Steve: What we are actually talking about here is property …

Comment on Gallery: Council did not say boo by Louise Samways.

Steve: What we are actually talking about here is property that does not belong to the government at all, ie the Aboriginal art of the whole of Australia.
The building has no purpose if Aboriginal people decide the lack of respect for their cultural values is just further exploitation and an insult they are not prepared to wear … and so boycott the building.
Since the Gunner government has such contempt for Aboriginal priorities in displaying their art and telling its story in proper cultural context in the landscape, the Council needs to take ownership of this project, harness the overwhelming support for the Aboriginal Gallery concept in Alice Springs and go direct to Canberra to fund this as a reconcilliation and Central Desert development project.
Show some leadership, stand up to any bullying or threat and take on the project!

Recent Comments by Louise Samways

A student should have led the chants: Jimmy Cocking
Yes I did fully inform myself of everything you have written about the rally … but your irrelevant story on the person helping the kids to express themselves as one voice at the end of the rally has distracted from their message … just like the deliberately distracting strategy of the Murdoch papers.


[My editorial concern was, and remains, the potential compromise to the independence of the young people’s message which is its strength.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor]

A student should have led the chants: Jimmy Cocking
I was at the rally.
I have to wonder why the editor of this online paper would choose to distract from the passionate message of the young people who organised this protest.
The issue was inaction on climate change not who helped the kids express together what they had said in their speeches, amongst themselves, and to adults like myself.
This distraction is an insult to their commitment and courage.


[ED – It would be useful for you to inform yourself before you comment. I was at the rally, too and this newspaper reported in detail what the young people had to say. Our report was published about an hour after the rally ended. The report is fully searchable and now part of our seven million words story archive.]

Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition
Why not use the energy of the entire town’s support for the gallery instead of dividing us?
It makes far more sense to put more international accommodation in the mall which WOULD be a boon to CBD businesses, and the gallery in an iconic site which properly and respectfully celebrates the connection between Aboriginal art and culture in the landscape, giving tourists something worth the airfares to see.
Compulsory acquisition of the Plaza building to repurpose as high end accommodation may be welcomed by owners? And we would still have the Melanka site for even more accommodation.
Or are they proposing to repeat mistakes of past and put accommodation well away from the CBD?

Gallery at Anzac: Council has no position, says Deputy Mayor
This is now a bigger issue than siting of the gallery.
It is now a question of whether Council want to support a site that will forever split the town ….and remind us and the whole world that the exploitation of Aboriginal people while ignoring their cultural needs and obligations continues.
If they go ahead with the Anzac site it will be interesting to see if there is then a boycott that actually drives the kind of tourists you are after away from Alice to the galleries interstate instead.
The govt have already made it clear they are comfortable with dividing the town AND wasting tens of millions on relocation of existing assets which makes you wonder what are we not being told?
Also considering that Galleries have to have coffee and souvenir/gift shop how will this increase business in the mall?
It is the business owners in the mall that have the most to lose by a CBD location!

Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval
Unfortunately the suspicion that Dale Wakefield’s latest consultation process is also flawed was confirmed when I stopped to chat at her tent and was subjected to a marketing exercise by “Mark” (public servant) for the Anzac Oval site.
Dale’s comment in today’s Advocate that two out of three people she speaks to are in favour of Anzac site shows an extremely poor understanding of what a valid consultation process looks like, given her government’s public statements insisting on Anzac site.
Not many against this site would waste their time talking to her.
Dale also completely destroyed her own argument about this being good for CBD when she talked about people “going for coffee in the gallery” and argued locals would go there “once a week”.
This is not Melbourne or Sydney. The locals will never be the ones that make this viable.
We need to attract overseas and interstate visitors looking for a unique experience in a unique setting reflecting and respecting Aboriginal traditions of proper place.

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