Well said Louise and I believe that all involve in …

Comment on Gallery: Council did not say boo by Evelyne Roullet.

Well said Louise and I believe that all involve in NT Government and Town Council should read the book of Kathleen Kemaree Wallace, Listen deeply.
Deep listening means to hear every dimension of the other person, both what is said as well as what is implied.
It means to hear the words and the emotions underneath them and to hear the general disposition and mood of the person: To hear all of it.
Kathleen is the senior artist for the art centre and over the last 20 years has mentored and supported other women artists and young women.
She is internationally regarded and her artworks can be found in many major Australian Collections.
Two years ago, over 100 non-Indigenous people from across Australia gathered at the Edge of the Sacred conference at White Gums at Honeymoon Gap, outside of Alice Springs, to hear Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann and others speak about the spiritual road to reconciliation with Aboriginal people.
Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr (AO) is an Aboriginal elder from Nauiyu (Daly River), where she served for many years as the principal of the local Catholic primary school. She is a renowned artist, activist, writer and public speaker.
Rather than speak of treaties and politics, Miriam Rose, shared the concept of quiet meditation, an Indigenous practice that her people use to find out who they really are, their purpose, and where they are going.
Obviously none of our politicians took much notice.

Recent Comments by Evelyne Roullet

Old visitors centre trashed
Domenico: We, as a town, need to seize the power to determine our own path towards future prosperity? Excellent but do you have an idea in order to do that?
I can only think of an unified council strong enough to tell the NT government where to go!
But this is a dream because our councillors are too busy following their own dreams.

Labor, CLP discuss preference swaps: Scott McConnell
May be we will have to boycott the next elections in protest.
As Nelson Mandela has pointed out, boycott is not a principle, it is a tactic depending upon circumstances.

Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime?
James T Smerk: I agree with you, because to make the town attractive to tourists it has to be eco-friendly, thus fighting climate change.
Curbing kids and crimes will be also fight climate change as we will have less power / water / paper works / printing etc… spent on court house offices, prison cells and maintenance.
The council can do a lot about this. Sometime listening to all make me think of don Quixote De la Mancha which is considered one of the most important books of all time.
Quixotic, meaning the impractical pursuit of idealistic goals, has entered common usage.
Before attacking a worldwide problems we must fix ours.

Council on climate: wide-ranging action as matter of urgency
Yes, Francis, please explain. John Bell said that there is human-induced climate change, and there are natural climate fluctuations in this his is correct.
One important factor in the unchanging rise and fall of the earth’s temperature and its different cycles is the sun.
As its activity varies, so does the intensity of the sunlight that reaches us.
The sun’s temper varies on an 11-year cycle, typically taking about five and a half years to move from the quieter period of solar minimum, to the more turbulent solar maximum.
Sunspots sometimes erupt into powerful solar storms that shoot streams of charged particles into space, occasionally in the direction of earth.
Mounting evidence suggests that the 11-year solar cycle can affect climate and temperatures — the most famous example being Europe’s Little Ice Age, when the sun went through several nearly sunspotless cycles from 1645 to 1715.
If we cannot control the solar forces that produce warming and cooling produced by a magnetic field,
(the sun being a huge ball of electrically-charged hot gas that being moving generates a powerful magnetic field that goes through a cycle, a dynamo).
We living organism of this planet must do our best to not amplify these natural phenomena.
Humans have caused climate change for 180 years (scientifically proven).
Ww have created a snowball that has to be stopped!

CLP candidate Ryan compromised as town’s negotiator
“Because of the statutory time frame about council vacancies this would trigger a by-election.”
Why have by-election – give the position to the runner-up, Jimmy Cocking.

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