I can’t help but wonder if the objection of the …

Comment on Can government afford cultural discord gallery is creating?   by James T Smerk.

I can’t help but wonder if the objection of the project location is really being driven by the majority of the town or just the hundred or so people that appear to attend these events and be most vocal.
The only reason I say that is because of a town of 25,000 or so it seems like a poor turnout if the majority are really against the idea … clicking on a button is one thing but going out of your way and turning up and really showing you care is another.
Also, I would think if the TOs really didn’t want it (there) they would turn up in larger numbers and be more vocal or organise their own meeting (with all TOs attending) to discuss and put their thoughts in writing to Government (and newspapers) to start a more formal process and discussion.

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Mayor, Deputy let council flounder
I seem to recall a couple of years ago saying in this newspaper this was nothing more than a carrot in front of the donkey.
They promised it and I predicted they would still be talking about it come the next election … and years later still nothing and here we go again.
Wherever you built it there will be people sooking, you can’t please everyone. But hey let’s just keep following that carrot.
What would be refreshing would be new ideas with potential of actually happening.

High season caravan occupancy rate: Zero.
Maybe there might be a need for a local focus. Start promoting to the locals as a night or nights away from the normal life.
Might be fun for families they can camp or stay in a cabin, especially with Finke cancelled it would be a good way for people to still get the camping experience (kind of).
Start some specials and organise some sort of special events.
With all the confusion it would be good to get out there and let everyone know you are open and what is available.

‘Affordable land’ in a man-made desert
Town grows larger while population grows smaller. I don’t get it.
Might be “affordable land” but it sure ain’t affordable to build on it.

COVID: Trouble in the bush
It’s not financially viable to maintain so many little communities.
There is minimal if any tax revenue received from each community.
The concept of living remotely comes with the challenges of not having modern facilities, services or products.
If you choose to live remotely you can’t expect food and services to be similarly prices in a community compared to a city / town.
Much like people in Alice Springs can’t expect to pay the same for a tradie to install a carport for the price of someone in Melbourne might pay.
It sounds nice to be able to support this kind of living however it all cost money and lots of money.
It would be a good idea for all communities to become a little self-sufficient and grow some of their own fruit and veggies.
Or even produce some of their own requirements (for example bread baking and things similar).

Town camp drunks attack police, ignore COVID rules
It says something about our decision makers that this kind of event is normal and happens more and more.
The lack of consequences and outrage shows they are OK with this kind of behaviour.

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