I can’t help but wonder if the objection of the …

Comment on Can government afford cultural discord gallery is creating?   by James T Smerk.

I can’t help but wonder if the objection of the project location is really being driven by the majority of the town or just the hundred or so people that appear to attend these events and be most vocal.
The only reason I say that is because of a town of 25,000 or so it seems like a poor turnout if the majority are really against the idea … clicking on a button is one thing but going out of your way and turning up and really showing you care is another.
Also, I would think if the TOs really didn’t want it (there) they would turn up in larger numbers and be more vocal or organise their own meeting (with all TOs attending) to discuss and put their thoughts in writing to Government (and newspapers) to start a more formal process and discussion.

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Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
I would be interested to know what the long term plan for this space is. It’s easy to leave it there until a project is identified, it saves money too.
Even if the gallery isn’t going there I feel they have plans for the land and they aren’t telling us anything as they don’t want the backlash they know they would get.
The public meeting / demonstration will be poor on numbers, this town is too complacent and only people who attended the school many years ago or senior people of town will show interest because of their fond memories in some way of the school.
Unfortunately kids won’t care and younger generations don’t appreciate the past so it’s doomed to fail.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
Australia is changing, in some cases for the better, in some not.
Might move to North Korea for some freedom.

Thieves ram cars out of compound
I bet the public would love to follow this story through to the courts to hear what the outcome is: The “they have had a hard life excuse” is copy and pasted into every case now days.
Tell me what amount of money this has cost in damage, police and courts and what benefit the community gets out of the outcome.
I bet you will see a lot of cost involved and no deterrent for it to never happen again by these two.

The entitlement of not answering questions
Wow, being denied for being a certain colour.
I thought this was the kind of thing we (society) were trying to stop.
But hey let’s let people die instead of helping them, surely goes against the Hippocratic oath.
In our new world of inclusion sadly we still demand segregation.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
Sounds like a joke but it isn’t … the end of the world is coming.

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