I believe that many have been whipped up into a …

Comment on Can government afford cultural discord gallery is creating?   by Ian Clarke.

I believe that many have been whipped up into a frenzy by others with vested interests.
True, The Gap maybe the front door. I would think that a project as important to all Indigenous peoples of Australia that this should be, the local TOs should invite this into our heart, not keep it outside The Gap in an unfriendly, separatist, non inclusive stance.
All the arguments that we should be spending more in other areas are valid, but this money won’t go to those projects anyway.
The issue lies with the methods of consultation and the presentation of the gallery and the site by the NT Government.
Even the site name of ANZAC Oval is wrong, it is the old ANZAC School site.
They didn’t even mention the two new rugby fields and amenities which are part of the proposal, or the fact that “all the memories” of events would be lost by reminding people that the proposal allows for better events on that space without the damage caused and disruption to the sporting codes.

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