I have been working in Arnhemland this year and regularly …

Comment on Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution by Strikey.

I have been working in Arnhemland this year and regularly fly in small aircraft to remote locations. The story the charter pilots tell of flying single cartons of beer and a pack of smokes to remote communities is mind-boggling!
Sometimes its a bottle of rum or whatever the fancy of the day is. However the issue is what these people pay for such commodities. $800 for a pack of smokes and a carton is about the norm – and that doesn’t include the cost of the charter.
So a government trying to manipulate alcohol pricing is complete pie in the sky. If you want something bad enough you will pay anything for it.
Another thing the bureaucrats don’t understand is Indigenous culture.
The rules are clearly white man informed. They affect white man’s ideology more than Indigenous. When you have a 40,000 year old culture of sharing everything, then it perfectly acceptable for 10 mates to chip in fifty bucks each to buy a bottle of rum!

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Pilot academy for Toowoomba: why did Alice miss out?
Seems Qantas already owes Alice Springs Airport $1.6m in overdue charges, according to the ABC.
So with Qantas already making a public announcement that Alice Springs and Darwin Airports are the most expensive in the country, how can Qantas even consider Alice as an ideal training base?
NT Airports have a lot to answer for, too. Like playing a game with the hopes of Alice Springs residents and businesses knowing full well that they have serious issues with Qantas on a day to day basis.
[ED – We have invited the Alice Springs airport manager to respond.]

Pilot academy for Toowoomba: why did Alice miss out?
Alice Springs will never be in the race for a pilot training academy. If the people behind the submission had done their research they would have discovered that the owners of Alice Springs Airport are basically at war with Qantas over landing fees and airport charges.
Whilst such disputes are in place Alice will be placed last on the list by Qantas. Unfortunately the people of Alice are the losers. Two huge corporations locking horns over costs with no resolution in sight is disastrous for Alice.
If the NT Government was truly serious about doing something for Alice it would have matched of bettered the Toowoomba offer. Unfortunately there are not many sharp tools in the NT Government with the knowhow to make such an offer.

Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park
There is only one location for this project and that is the old Melanka site.
Someone please show some vision and turn this eyesore into a valuable asset for Alice Springs. It’s in the perfect location and will utilise valuable wasted space.
NT Government, show some guts, buy the land and do something worthwhile for Alice. It’s not rocket science.

Public acknowledgment a condition for govt funding
I am shocked. After some months away from Alice and returning to a green paradise, there in the middle of it all is the most ugly concrete and black tarred expanse of manmade crap that I have ever seen.
Absolutely hideous. No landscaping, no environmental considerations or aesthetic, no thought of shade from the extreme weather here.
Just another thoughtless, ridiculous government plan it and build it from an airconditioned office folly.
Not disimmilar to the concrete barrage built in the Gap a few years ago.

What the Bomb would do to you
@ Jason: Seems you are living in some absurd science fiction movie and suffer from Nucleomitaphobia.
Your disillusioned comment “unfortunately nuclear wars can start rather quickly” validates my claim.
I guess in your movie role you have experienced such phenomena. In my last 60 years I have never heard of a nuclear war that was conducted anywhere on this planet.
Other sensationalist statements you make like doubling the power of the warhead would still have no effect on Pine Gap. You clearly do not know anything of the PG design which enables it to continue to operate during a nuclear war.
To help foster your insatiable appetite for doomsday, I feel it appropriate that you clue up and read this informative guide on the current state of US intelligence. https://supersoldiertalk.com/2012/12/07/what-lies-below/

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