Since I have been broken into three times and fended …

Comment on Kids behind razor wire, rural land misuse, gallery fiasco & more by Michael Dean.

Since I have been broken into three times and fended off two attempts in the last 10 months, they can’t build the fences high enough in my opinion. Razor wire … bring it on.

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Claire Hockridge found dead
It’s being reported in “The Australian” that police found a significant amount of drugs before they found her body.
Some of our suspicions may have been correct.

The elusive goal of deep shade in Alice
We should be trying to capture and store as much of the rain as we can from our own rooftops when it does rain to ease the burden on the groundwater levels, with rain water tanks.
If you drive around town and look many houses don’t even have gutters on them.
Some governments and councils interstate make it mandatory for a rainwater tank on new buildings or offer a rebate to have a rainwater tank connected to the house.

Three people missing since Saturday
I really hope they are found soon and in as safe a condition as can be expected. But it is concerning that the photo of the man was supplied by NT Police. What sort of history does this gent have with the police is the question that comes to mind.


[Hi Michael, both photos were supplied by the police. Editor.]

Escapee ran into the bush
Looks like the police got him, he is in court tomorrow with quite a few charges against him.

Thieves ram cars out of compound
Would also be interesting to know why on the parole board website there is no 2018 annual report.
An oversight, or didn’t they see the need to let the community know the numbers granted or declined.

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