Police attacked by 17-year-old

Police in Alice Springs have arrested and charged a 17-year-old youth after an assault on two officers overnight.


At about 12:45am members of Strike Force WINX attended a house on Ulpaya Road to arrest a youth for breaching his bail conditions.


Is alleged the youth became agitated and threw furniture at members and grabbed one officer’s belt on which the weapons are mounted.


Officers managed to secure and arrest the boy without further incident or injuries.


He was charged with one count each of assaulting a member of the police force, resisting police in execution of duty and breach of bail.


Officers received cuts and abrasions to their hands and arms during the incident.


Commander Michael White applauded the professionalism of the officers: “Despite the situation quickly escalating the officers conducted themselves in a professional manner which ensured no one was injured and they were able to carry out the arrest of this individual.


“I’m disappointed there are people who disrespect others who strive to make our community a safer and better one each day. Assaulting a police officer will not be tolerated.”




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