Dear Kaye, you were one of the first artists I …

Comment on Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing by Julie Taylor.

Dear Kaye, you were one of the first artists I met when I came to Alice Springs some 20 years ago.
You have been inspirational and have given me great support and help when needed.
Your departure is yet another loss to our local community but I know you will continue your work across the nation!
I was lucky to sit with all your magnificent paintings of “Battle for the Spinifex” over some weeks when they were on display at the Alice Springs Town Council PopUp Gallery 2016.
I experienced people’s delight in your work and then dismay as they recognised the issues around our threatened environment.
Very best wishes to you and Eleanor in re-establishing your lives in a different place.

Recent Comments by Julie Taylor

A necessary remembrance
Trees are like family to me, especially the old ones.
I grieve for them and the creatures who also suffer when I see distant smoke filling the air. Thankyou for sending this reminder for people to recognise our silent sentinels.

THE TROLL by Blair McFarland
I love it! So true. Thank you Blair and Alice Springs News.

Farewell, Iain Campbell
Such a sad loss to the arts community – for me Alice Springs will just not be the same without Iain. Well loved and remembered for his approachable and ever-friendly manner, his participation in art events, meetings and social gatherings. A great artist.

Pamela Lofts, 1949 – 2012
Can’t stop thinking about Pam and the many ways she has been an important influence in my life. A great loss to our community.

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