Jakub from far away again. Now, I’ve read my comment …

Comment on How much of our relationship with Aborigines is hypocrisy? by Jakub Baranski.

Jakub from far away again.
Now, I’ve read my comment again I regret not editing it. It seems more like rambling than intelligent observation. Please bear in mind I’ve learned English in school and that was many years ago.
Everything else aside, in places when there are no Aboriginal people you hear a lot about them.
In places where they are you are being ID scanned for a beer, get only Opal fuel and see that no one cares.
Giving away benefits seems like saying get the money and drink yourself to death.
I understand Aborigines have problems with substance abuse but I would too if I were to live the same life.
Please do not concentrate on my dugout canoe comments. Perhaps they were not appropriate.
Obviously we discussed the subject with friends back home. Immediately parallels are drawn with Native Americans and first Nation in Canada but it’s better not to go on with discussion there because it will open another can of worms.
In terms of average wealth, Australia ranks second in the world after Switzerland. So, obviously money is there. Now it’s time to find the idea.
I am the last person who would advocate giving away money but looking after education perhaps. There are people who know what to do, are there?

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