How many youths are in detention in the NT? …

Comment on No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs by Watch’n.

How many youths are in detention in the NT?

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No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs
Ok, so I did a search and NT Families have the data on their website.
There are fewer than 50 youths in detention in the whole of the NT!
How can this not be managed?
What is going on? 50 kids is two classrooms at many town schools.
I can’t get my head around how youth detention can get so out of hand when the stats are so small.
Surely, there are far more cost effective ways to punish / rehab youths who have offended.

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Will be alright if it goes for more than two years. No use supporting a 12 year old kid to get on the straight and narrow, only to dump them back on the street at age 15.

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Two adults, two kids, no pets unpowered site for seven nights at Big4 in mid August, over $65 per night. Government have a duty to bring in tourists and have them support the township.

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Always been the rule and signage in off leash areas. Nothing looks to have changed, just don’t let your dog be nasty to others.

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Looks like they are down there digging it up today.

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Looks like another meeting on this morning.

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