I bet the residents of Kilgariff who built their homes …

Comment on No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs by Brett.

I bet the residents of Kilgariff who built their homes in a nice safe area would appreciate a jail next door. The extra traffic and families hanging around will not be a bother at all.
Given how much the NT Government hates Alice Springs, I expect it to go ahead. It will get priority project status if the residents object too loudly, too.

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Locally produced hemp could replace plastic
Ah hemp … the fixation of stoners.
Yes, hemp can make paper and fabric and whole heap of other things but you forget to mention the quite considerable drawbacks.
Hemp is one of the most energy intensive and water consuming plants to grow. Look how much bad press Cubbie Station has from their use of water growing cotton. Hemp uses almost six times as much.
If you really cared about the environment, you would grow corn or sugar. Both are much more stable, pest resistant, less water intensive and can be easily made into biofuel.
So while the Nimbin alumni think long and hard about all the things hemp can do, their fragile brains never bother to ask “what could do it better”?

Proposal to make Finke track an official recreation area
When has the government getting involved in an area that doesn’t need improvement ever actually worked? If Parks get involved, they will do an audit and get the track paved for safety.

Cart before the horse
We can thank our esteemed Federal Member for the lack of funding.
The Northern Australia Counil which he chairs negotiated with the Federal Government to match dollar for dollar what the state or territory puts in.
He complained in question time shortly after that about the deal that he did, without once mentioning that his mate Gunner needed to pony up the other half.
He basically tried to score points by highlighting how abysmal his own performance is. Luckily he will be out of the job in May.

Scott McConnell now to vote as an Independent
Scott is the only decent guy in the Labor party and I believe his heart is in the right place, however I won’t believe a word he says until I see him vote against Labor in Parliament.
All these promises will mean nothing if he keeps voting with the 5th floor machine.

Jacinta Price reneges on council undertaking
Hypobole aside, there is no need or intention (or even requirement) for her to resign. She can do both. You will find the Mayor of Sydney is also their state member. You will also find the Federal member for Lowe is on his local council, so are two Labor senators and one Greens senator.
So thanks for the misinformation.

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