You really should get tour facts correct @ Local2. Your …

Comment on Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre   by Edan Baxter.

You really should get tour facts correct @ Local2. Your accusations are baseless and a cheap attempt to political point score.
Councillor Jimmy Cocking has had “A New Adventure Playground” as a cornerstone policy since 2017 and he talks up the concept at every chance he gets.
For the record, his media release (dated 2017) states clearly:
“A new adventure park will be a tourism destination in its own right and be sustainable source of healthy fun in its own right”.
Stop trying to denigrate Councillor Cocking.
Absolutely, Councillor Patterson is to be commended for developing his identity and profile as Deputy Mayor with this issue. Councillor Cocking should welcome the support.
But one thing is for certain, the people of Alice Springs clearly love this idea.
The astronomical amount of Facebook likes and public commendations when adventure park related ideas are mentioned is clear.
It was one of Councillor Cocking’s most popular policies in 2017 and it is clearly still super popular, as demonstrated last week with Matt Patterson’s public engagement in the media last week.
The key here is for these ideas to now be developed in such a way that gives all Councillors ownership over the next stages and creates a win for Alice Springs.
There are lot of great examples across Australia of other communities doing it well! Let’s put a uniquely Centralian style into this idea and not stuff it up.

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Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre  
Regarding more permanent lighting projectors in the Todd Mall, this is a no-brainer and the possibilities are endless!
Cairns has been doing similar lighting of their public mall area for a while now and it is a hit!
Families wandering up and down the mall as their kids duck in and out of ancient patterns is exactly the type of active, vibrant dreamscape Alice Springs that we should be working towards.
The capital cost for the light projectors AND installation expenditure is very mild compared to other things this town spends money on.
Further, it aligns with medium and long term tourism goals for our town. The ongoing curation costs can be kept to a minimum OR increased if necessary.
Hurry up Alice Springs leaders! Let’s take this low-hanging-fruit … buy the equipment outright and let’s all move on to the next phase of setting up our town for the future!

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What an exciting 2019 we have been gifted!
Merry Christmas #AliceSprings

Benedict Stevens happy to talk about gallery location
Today was a small preview of how this project might be presented on the larger Australian stage or indeed to potential international visitors.
I got there a bit late, but as far as I can tell, Benedict Stevens is to be commended for getting the conversation underway proper.
So, NT Government, can we please now turn-down-the-tap of glossy leaflets, media releases and $ PR strategies? (Let’s save the money. Instead let’s maybe stay focused on getting that business case completed?)
And in the meantime, let’s listen up for the other voices (Arrernte and other). Let’s ensure that they are accorded due respect.
It is still possible to harness the boundless possible provenance of this project.

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
Dr Ongo. Definitely a story! Time will tell if it makes news.
Hal, hope can take many forms, but it’s probably best that Alice keep eyes focused on the Berrimah line.

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
Today I heard a story that should give hope to those who are feeling dispirited about this matter.
I would urge everyone to hold the line a little longer. Let us stay focused on the principles at stake here. There can be a way forward on this this amazing project without dividing the town.

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@ Alex: Got your point.

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