So, the character assassination industry in our town continues to …

Comment on Code of conduct allegations ‘vexatious, frivolous’ – councillor by Paull Alekna.

So, the character assassination industry in our town continues to operate unabated.
Tell the world who they are, Jimmy, so they can be shown the door. We don’t need them here.

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Emirates jetliner dumps fuel on Central Australia
How to make a mountain out of a molehill.
It’s often done out over the water (sea) but we don’t have much of that handy.
Dumping the fuel is all about weight, and too much weight makes the plane harder to slow and stop, same as it does with cars, trucks, and trains.

When NT was officially ‘a country for the White Man’
Oh, Dear John, please do read Ted’s book, and not fall into the TLDR syndrome [too long, did not read].
What you read in there may prove to be very different to to what you may think is in there.
I was invited to sit, today, with young Ted, alas, all too briefly. Nevertheless, an insight or two were gained, a bit about the book, which I feel I too need to obtain and read, along with future issues.
And poor old Nimby: Wealthy Leftist? Nooooooo…
That then begs the question: What is so bad about Lefties that makes them at all inferior to Righties?
Ones political leanings do not necessarily make one good or bad in any way, shape, or form

No plans to stop NATS: Gunner
The open was removed because the medical profession, with an agenda, told him to, and backed up their argument with mistruths and lies.

Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
Evelyne, This is one of those instances of language nuance not being well conveyed in text.
Ms Price is a councillor of Aboriginal origin as opposed to what you have suggested, that she is a councillor because she is Aboriginal.
Our laws do not (yet) allow for the latter, in a democracy, all representatives have to be properly elected, we have not yet reached the situation of having X percentage of positions reserved for certain types of candidates.

How to vote cards point to totally new council
Trevor, we have plenty of people who do have a passion for Alice, what she is, what she can be.
Sadly, many of them are not running for council, they don’t have big enough egos, just passion, love for their town.
I do operate in a tourism environment, and I often hear (from visitors rushing off to the Rock): “Our agents told us there is nothing to see in Alice” so it’s just a hotel stopover on the way to a fly-covered rock.
Wouldn’t it be great if someone were to try to change that misconception?

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